[mythtv-users] Widescreen TV Truncated Display

Mark L. Cukier mark at pemicro.com
Thu Dec 2 04:34:46 UTC 2004

Hello all:

I've finally gotten x running on my TV out.... I have a widescreen TV, 
however, and the desktop is truncated on both sides. Can anyone help out 
with this? I searched the archives and found some references to similar 
issues with playback of captures files (dvb...?).

My TV is currently displaying the picture in 4:3 mode, and the sides of 
the desktop are cut off!!!

Also, I'm having the "blue line issue" (I see a vertical blue line on 
the right hand side of my screen). I tried running the xvattr command, 
but it says "command not found". I'm running FC2.

Thanks in Advance,

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