[mythtv-users] The last(?) hurdle

Jan Johansson jan.johansson at se.nyklogistics.com
Wed Dec 1 10:37:22 UTC 2004

Alright, i gave up on my Audigy 2 LS, and Took the Live 5.1! from my
other system and put that in my Pundit-R. Yey, works! (But no 5.1 over
SPDIF, but that's expected I suppose).

Now, some cosmetics:

Is it possible to change the "thumbnail" for a show? I would like to
grab a frame that's 5 mins into the recording. But I cannot find an
option to do so even tho someone hinted that it is in fact there?

Quality: When can I find a definition of High Quality / Low Quality /
Live TV?


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