[mythtv-users] Live Tv playes to fast

Jesper Rasmussen jr at d6.dk
Wed Dec 1 08:33:30 UTC 2004

I have a problem, and I would like to hear oif anyone else have had the 
same problem, or have any clues on what could be the problem.

I just added a pvr250 to my myth box.

After installing ivtv (2.0 rc2)(not from portage), on my gento based 
(2.4.26_pre6 kernel) system, it now seems to work, except for one problem.

The playback is very stuttering - every second it pauses a tiny bit, 
both visual and audio.
It is like it plays 1 second in 0,9 second, and then have to wait for 
the buffer to fill again.
If I pause the playpack for a few seconds, and resume, it plays without 
any stutter, but it still plays to fast. So if you want the news 
reporter to sound like a cartoon character, or he/she speeks to slow it 
is a good feature. However, boring me, I like the way they normally 
speak just fine ;)

I can play movies just fine.

I have recorded a show, but i havent been able to play it back yet as 
the recordings do not show up in my recordings. The files do get created 
on the disc, however the preview images do not get created. hmmm does 
mythtv use the png as a base for what recordings exist? ( I plan do dig 
through the db today to see if I can find any inkonsistancy today).
hmm I planed to write about this in another mail - oh well.

Just for the record:
dma is enables,
The box runs at close to no load,
cpu 1350 mhz amd xp, 512 mb ram


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