[mythtv-users] mythv4lradio base on kradio-0.3.0-snapshot-2004-02-28

Ketut Putu Kumajaya kumajaya at bluebottle.com
Wed Dec 1 07:25:30 UTC 2004

Mythfm is a good module for mythtv, but I wait too long to see it fully
useable and easy. Easy for me and my wife, too.
So I build a module base on kradio-0.3.0-snapshot-2004-02-28. I have no 
for module name, so I call it mythv4lradio for a moment. Maybe I can call 
mythkradio because base on kradio. Do you agree?

Cause it base on kradio, this module have all kradio ability (plugins), 
- KRadioAbout (bad idea for mythtv)
- LircSupport (mythtv have internal lirc support, we can used it)
- TimeControl (maybe for the future, it's a bad idea to make a conflict 
      mythbackend tv recording)
- QuickBar (bad idea for mythtv)
- RadioDocking (bad idea for mythtv)
- ErrorLog (I think mythtv user need message dialog only, for a moment only
      send error/info message to stdout for debug)

So, my mythtv module can:
- Used your v4l radio card (or tv card with radio support) to tune am/fm 
- Recording to .wav .aiff .au .raw .mp3, need lame and sndfile library.
- Monitor radio sound input.
- Scan radio station frequency.
- Export station list (mysql database) to kradio station xml-format.
- Import kradio station xml-format to station list.
- Edit station list with easy way (code stolen from mythtv channel editor)
- Make mythtv user too easy to tune their favourite radio station in town
      (interface base on mythmusic).

My mythtv module can not:
- Stoping mythbackend while module running, so be careful. I'll try to fix 
- Washing your dirty clothes ;)

Thanks to:
- Ernst Martin Witte <witte at kawo1.rwth-aachen.de> (kradio authors)
- Klas Kalass <klas.kalass at gmx.de>                (kradio authors)
- Frank Schwanz <schwanz at fh-brandenburg.de>       (kradio authors)
- Zsolt Rizsanyi <rizsanyi at myrealbox.com>         (kradio authors)
- mythtv and mythmusic authors.

I suggest you to use kradio-0.3.0-snapshot-2004-02-28 for your stand alone 
application, because it cover all you need about linux radio app. But, my 
is kradio have bad look interface. I make a plugin to make kradio look like
winamp/xmms (code stolen from winskin - noatun plugin).

For this moment I have not upload my code to the web yet. Tell to someone 
who interest,
contact me and I will replay with my code.


Ketut P. Kumajaya <kumajaya at bluebottle.com>

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