[mythtv-users] Jarod's guide bugzilla

match at ece.utah.edu match at ece.utah.edu
Wed Dec 1 04:41:39 UTC 2004

On 30 Nov 2004 at 16:09, Jarod Wilson wrote:

> Hm, I've already opened a few bugs myself, that's odd... What exactly did you 
> try to do? Just create a new bug?

So, I found searching Bugzilla to be somewhat cryptic, but I was able to find two bugs 
listed, both opened by Jarod. #314, which helps me understand some of the current 
ivtv silliness I'm seeing, and #315 which explains that some paths to module settings 
are incorrect. Also helpful.

Am I missing any? Some Bugzilla instruction might be helpful. I think I would have 
had trouble finding these if I hadn't seen Jarod's note above.



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