[mythtv-users] widespread reports of (sort of) the same failures

Dean Vanden Heuvel deanv at cox.net
Wed Dec 1 04:25:05 UTC 2004

1) I have not raised this on the ivtv board.  I can go back to previous 
versions of the ivtv drivers and the problem remains.  I took this to 
mean that it was not strictly an ivtv issue, but more likely some 
compatability issue.  I have tried many, MANY versions of ivtv with 
little change.

2) perhaps I can increase the ivtv debug output.  I will check and try it.

3) don't know what happens if I reload all of the kernel modules.  I do 
know that if I restart the mythfrontend, then all is well again for 1 
pass through the video startup, with an error introduced on the second 
pass.  To me, this again points to mythfrontend.

in any case, thanks for the response.  I had given up on this request.


Ivor Hewitt wrote:

> Jim Gifford wrote:
>>> There is one common thread.  The errors ALWAYS occur on re-entry to 
>>> a video mode.  Never on the first pass.  Now I ask, "what is 
>>> different upon re-entry vs. initial entry?".  I would be happy to 
>>> investigate further, if I knew where to start.  Any ideas on where 
>>> the differences might lie?
> Firstly has this been brought up on the ivtv lists?
> Well the difference is not necessarily that it is "doing something 
> different" the second time around.
> More likely scenarios are:
> 1. that something either hasn't been closed down correctly after the 
> first run
> 2. that some resource has been locked and not freed correctly after 
> the first run
> 3. that something has been closed down "too properly" after the first 
> run and isn't getting reinitialised.
> Next do you have any options for increasing the verbosity of the 
> logging in the ivtv driver?
> Finally what happens if you unload and reload all of the ivtv drivers 
> after the first run?
> Ivor.
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