[mythtv-users] Some more questions...

Rob Greene greener at charter.net
Wed Dec 1 04:07:24 UTC 2004

I've gotten closer with setting up MythTV and the PVR-350.  My X display is
on the TV, at least!

However, there are two problems I still haven't figured out (up to this

1.  lirc doesn't work - I've sent that to the lirc list.  (Just bummed.)

2.  I took the suggested xorg.conf at mythtvology, but I don't see the
borders of my screen.  It looks like the resolution is at 720x480.  Any
suggestion for how to "tune" myself to a good resolution?  (That's "tune" as
in figure out good resolution as well as setting the resolution.)  I'm
coming in via RCA right now.  I may end up going through the S-Video cable
later.  My only connectors up-front are RCA, and I really don't want to move
out the TV until I'm ready to settle stuff in.

Thanks as usual!

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