[mythtv-users] Hardware selection and usage questions.

mythtv at rune.net mythtv at rune.net
Wed Dec 1 00:54:28 UTC 2004

I'm new to the list, but have looked through much of the archives. I have 
2 basic questions that I can't seem to find a definitive answer for.

I am planning on setting up MythTV to primarily be a storage device for my 
DVD collection. Recording TV is not needed at this time, although, I may 
add that feature later. Is there any docs to show how to get MythTV to 
work without the requirement for TV tuner cards and channel information. 
Everything seems to revolve around the TV feature.

I am also looking for the best motherboard to use as a frontend. I would
like to a board with S-Video out as well as digital audio out (optical or
coax). I would like to hvae a small form factor, so MicroATX is probably
best. The consensus seems to favor the nForce2 boards as having the best
quality of video and audio support, but I cannot find a board with both
S-Video and digital audio out onboard. I have seen mention of the ASUS 
Pundit system, but I really dislike the digital out on the front.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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