[mythtv-users] Storage problem with Myth and NFS

Jason Donahue mythtv at timekiller.org
Tue Aug 31 11:43:25 EDT 2004

Hi all, i just tore done and rebuilt my whole setup (don't ask) - and in
my new setup, I have a master backend with 1 tuner, and a slave backend
with 1 tuner. The master has 400GB of storage, which is NFS mounted on all
my mythboxes.

Here's the problem I have: All the slaves record to the NFS share, so I
need little space for the actual OS drive. On one box I used an old 6GB
hard drive. After the OS install, and some other software, there is 1.8GB
free - in testing the new setup, I scheduled 2 shows to record at the same
time. One show recorded, the other said the slave did not have enough disk
space, so it didn't record.

Is there any way around this, or do I have to use a bigger drive just so
Myth will see the space and think it's OK to record?

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