[mythtv-users] Mythtranscode + Transcode

Alexander Varakin avarakin at optonline.net
Mon Aug 30 22:16:16 EDT 2004


I am trying to pipe output of Mythtranscode through transcode but I have 
strange problem with frame: it is split into 2 pieces.
My current script is:

rm vidout audout
mythtranscode -p autodetect -c 1047 -s 2004-08-20-22-00-00 -f . 
--fifosync --honorcutlist &
sleep 1
cat audout > aaa.wav &
transcode  -J pv -k -V -x raw,null -i vidout -g 720x480 --import_asr 2 
-f 29.970,4 \
-o test.avi -y divx5,null &

I think that using  Mythtranscode + Transcode is a good idea because 
transcode has many filters and encoders which can be utilized this way.

Anybody was able to make Mythtranscode + Transcode working properly?


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