[mythtv-users] PVR-250 and Fedora Core 2

Joel Anderson myth at jobless.ca
Mon Aug 30 13:02:14 EDT 2004

> Ejay Hire wrote:
> > I'm at work, myth is at home).  Anybody know of a good free
> > dynamic dns solution I can use w/ my cable modem?
> www.dyndns.org.  I use it at home.  In fact, my Watchguard SOHO updates
> it for me.  Before I got that, I used one of many Linux clients to
> update my IP.  It works quite well with both with both my Cox cable
> modem and my current setup with SBC DSL.

Yeah, I use DynDNS and also ZoneEdit.com with the ddclient package to
automatically update everything.  ZoneEdit gives you more features with
their free services than DynDNS these days, and seems to work just as well.


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