[mythtv-users] composite video input, saa7134

laszlo laszlo at ov.homelinux.net
Mon Aug 30 09:53:56 EDT 2004


I can not switch my Flyvideo 3000 (saa7134) to the composite input 
(mythtv 0.14). I would like to copy a VHS tape to disk (and probably 
burn on a dvd) through the composite input of the tuner card. Watching 
live tv, when I hit 'C', it cycles through "Television" and "TV (mono 
only)", but Composite does not come up.

The cardinput table in the database has 3 rows:
Television (cardinputid: 1, sourceid: 1)
TV (mono only) (cardinputid: 2, sourceid: 1)
Composite1 (cardinputid: 6, sourceid: 2)

The videosource table has two rows:
antenna (sourceid: 1)
composite1 (sourceid: 2)

 From this, I would guess that Composite should come up when cycling 
through card inputs with 'C'.

Can anyone shed some light on what is wrong? I would greatly appreciate 
any help.



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