[mythtv-users] MythTV on a Via Epia M10000, how?

Christoffer Kj°lbŠk christoffer at kjoelbaek.dk
Mon Aug 30 06:57:34 EDT 2004


I saw MythTV some month ago, and wanted to make a box with MythTV.
Therefore I bought a Via M10000 board, and have now for a month, tried
to make it work.

I have followed the howto at epiaewiki, but can't get the graphics to
work. Then I have tried a guide with Fedora, but get kernel panic all
the time.

Right now, I am ready to brake my motherboard in pieces, and give up.
But before I do this, I would like to now, if anyone outthere has got it
working on a Via Epia M10000 card?

kind regards
Christoffer Kj°lbŠk
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