[mythtv-users] Limiting mythfilldatabase

Gary Raposo gary at raposo.ca
Sun Aug 29 00:26:09 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I've been searching for an answer to this one for some time now with no 
luck.  I've caved so here's my post...

Running MythTV 0.15.1 with XMLTV 0.5.34 on RedHat 9 and everything works 
great.  I'm a very happy user... except... mythfilldatabase is a little 
aggressive with its downloading via Zap2it's DataDirect.

It seems that mythfilldatabase wants to grab 12 or 13 days worth of 
data.  This wouldn't be a problem but for the fact that after about the 8th 
or 9th day the schedule starts filling up with "NO DATA".  Zap2it doesn't 
have any data that far in advance yet they allow DataDirect clients to 
connect and download "NO DATA".  Go figure! :)

After a few weeks of this my entire program table is full of "NO DATA" and 
I have to wait until the day before a scheduled recording before 
mythfilldatabase pulls in the next day's program information.  In other 
words, the scheduled recordings listing for anything more than today and 
tomorrow is useless.

I know that tv_grab_na_dd will accept a --days option.  I was hoping that 
mythfilldatabase would accept --graboptions "--days 7" but that doesn't 
seem to work.  I simply want to limit my daily mythfilldatabase cron job to 
grabbing a maximum of 7 days of data.

Any ideas?

Gary Raposo                                              gary at raposo.ca
Eschew obfuscation...                              http://www.raposo.ca

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