[mythtv-users] PVR-350 questions...

Paul Pick paul.pick at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 07:30:30 EDT 2004

> 1) Would I be able to use the framebuffer part of the PVR-350 for X as well as
> video output in MythTV? 


> (Does using it as a framebuffer device interfere with
> the TV functionality?)


> 2) Using the device in this way, would I still get hardware accelerated MPEG2
> playback?


> 3) Would I get hardware MPEG2 encode too?


> 4) If I bought another tuner card (for satilite tv - probably a Pinnacle PCTV
> Sat CL), would MythTV be able to use the hardware acceleration part of the
> PVR-350 to encode the steams from the other card to disk? (basically, does it
> treat the PVR-350 as a hardware mpeg2 accelerator card?)

 Probably "nope".

> 5) I'm thinking of using either a 1GHz Athlon (if I get everything hardware
> accelerated) or an XP2200+ if I can't - is the 1GHz Athlon up to it?

 Yep. (for some values of "up to it")

paul.pick at gmail.com

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