[mythtv-users] UK DVB-T EPG not working

Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 09:50:10 EDT 2004

John Pullan wrote:

>To help debug this, I think you need to split the operations into two.
>1) Run tv_grab_dvb -t 60 > tv.xml
>2) Run mythfilldatabase --no-delete --file 1 0 tv.xml
>And see which bit actually breaks. I suspect that tv.xml will contain
>some empty/broken xml
I found it works best if you do :

tv_grab_dvb -t 60 > tv.xml
iconv --from-code=iso8859-1 --to-code=UTF-8 tv.xml >tv2.xml
mythfilldatabase --no-delete --file 1 0 tv2.xml

Or a suitably shortened equivalent. This fixes some "illegal" multilingual characters in the DVB EPG data.

Hope that helps,

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