[mythtv-users] Re: Mascot? (Was: commercial detection causing backend to stop)

Nathan Ziarek htpc at ziarek.com
Thu Aug 26 09:05:49 EDT 2004

Thanks Bruce :)

Well, my system went down for a while and I never put the work into it to
bring it back up. It is now though, so after I catch up with the changes,
Iulius will make a return. Hopefully I can come up with some other good
ideas. Some of the themes that are out now are simply awesome, and I love
how the envelope had been pushed. Since I've been away, maybe I can think
outside the box and push it a little further. Or not. We'll see...but I am
glad that Iulius was missed and I hope I can return it to the echelon of


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> Nathan Ziarek wrote:
>> Part of me hates to do it (like I am gloating), but the other part of me is
>> very proud, so:
>> Yay! Someone liked Iulius! =)
>> Nothing else to see here. Move along.
> You can't deflect praise quite that easily. I like it! In fact,
> I liked a lot of the work you did earlier, Nate. I kinda hoped
> you'd continue to offer good stuff.
> Iulius.4 wasn't quite as good. The highlight for the selected
> item on menus was hard to see and I didn't really like the
> background texture. But the original Iulius really appeals
> to me. The background is nice and provides good contrast for
> text and there are no 'bad spots' that make text hard to read.
> There are no per-menu item images and, ya, images can be nice
> but they take up space on the screen. Instead, Iulius uses
> all the space to make the menus clean and easy to read. The
> fonts are large and the highlight bar is easy to see (impossible
> to miss ;-). The bar is nearly the width of the screen but
> not so wide that it feels crowded with overscan. By having
> this wide space, it can display long menu item names without
> truncating. Some themes don't have enough room for strings the
> length of "Schedule Recordings". No problem with Iulius. I
> also like the effect of the strings being centered rather than
> right or left justified. It has the illusion of a stack of
> choices.
> Easy to read, easy to navigate, I like it. Thanks, Nate.
> --  bjm
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