[mythtv-users] HDV Audio only playing right channel

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Thu Aug 26 07:47:30 EDT 2004

"Thomas M. Pluth" <tpluth at surewest.net> writes:

> I just verified that if I play the .nuv file with mplayer or xine I get
> stereo output.  I'm using /dev/dsp for my audio output device.
>   I seem to only be getting audio playback on the right channel on some HDTV
> recordings.  Has anyone else noticed this and if so, what have you done to
> fix it?

This sounds very similar to the problem I had with AC3 passthrough:
the problem was that the version of the emu10k1 driver in the 2.6
kernels is broken with respect to AC3 passthrough, and when I compiled
a newer version of the ALSA drivers, the problem went away.


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