[mythtv-users] High CPU Usage (More)

MacNean C. Tyrrell dardack at nycap.rr.com
Wed Aug 25 23:06:05 EDT 2004

Also i watched top while watching live tv and while recording and 
watching a recording.

While watching live tv idle stays at about 21% after a reboot.  
Mythbackend runs at 23% and the two mythfrontends at about 55%.

While while watching a recording and recording mythbackend fluctuates a 
lot from 3%-25%, mythfrontend seems to keep increasing it's cpu usage.  
the first one goes from 8%-20%, the second runs from 38-82%.  Which 
leaves no idle time.  I don't know.  when it's working after reboot it's 
great but when it's not working, just so upset.  Don't know what I'm 
gonna do. 

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