[mythtv-users] CD-Ripping

Daniel Savard dsavard at cids.ca
Wed Aug 25 17:57:09 EDT 2004

Few weeks ago, I asked the list about cd-ripping which seems to block
somewhere while ripping a CD.

I was told about non-audio tracks embedded into the CD which prevent the
ripping program to complete its work because unable to read those

So, I had much to do elsewhere and I am just back with my ripping tests
and after upgrading my system and MythTV with the CVS versions as per
about 2 days ago, I was able to rip some of the CDs which I was just
unable to rip few weeks ago. But, there is still some for which I cannot
complete the process. Is there any way to enable some verbose mode in
order to investigate what is going on?


Daniel Savard


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