[mythtv-users] Filesystem questions

Verteiler verteiler at juro.at
Wed Aug 25 07:26:59 EDT 2004

I have formatted my harddrives using XFS (according to Jarod's  Howto) 
but unfortunately something isn't working right (*duh*). These are the 
steps I have taken:
1. create partition
2. format partition: mkfs -t xfs /dev/hdh1
3. check the partition: xfs-check /dev/hdh1
Here I get a lot of errors (harddrive is new and I get the same on 
different harddrives), so I
4. repair the partition: xfs-repair /dev/hdh1
Now I get less errors, but executing 4. again does not reduce the errors 
(it seems to multiply them). As I am quite paranoid (I have lost a few 
important files on a corrupt partition all ready) I do not want to store 
any data on a partition behaving this way - so I guess I have to switch 
to a different filesystem.

Am I doing something wrong? If I switch to ReiserFS are there any 
performance issues that I could run into?

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome ;)


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