[mythtv-users] [Request] Channel guide behavior while watching TV

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Wed Aug 25 06:43:44 EDT 2004

I'm running two PVR-250s with the CVS code from the 23rd.  I'm absolutely
loving MythTV and the addition of the second card has moved this far, far
beyond my wildest expectations of the system


However, being the greedy user that I am, I have found some functionality
that I would change slightly or that *I* believe is missing.  I believe this
is the proper forum to discuss this.


The first thing that I've noticed that I would like to request a small
change to seems relatively simple on the surface:


Tuner card 1 is set up for basic cable and uses the native tuner to change

Tuner card 2 is setup for digital cable and is using the dct-channel program
to change my digital cable box's channel.


Obviously, one tuner has access to many, many more channels than the other.


When watching TV on Tuner card 1, I have access to 2-85 but the Channel
Guide will show me all my channels.  When I switch find a show above the 85
and select it in the channel guide, it will not change and I get no message
on the screen.


Would it be possible to a) only show those channels accessible on the
current tuner card in the guide or better yet b) change to the appropriate
card if it is available.


If a channel is requested (i.e. typing it in) the behavior would be similar.


Thank you



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