[mythtv-users] nuvexport command line interface (CLI)

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Aug 25 03:37:35 EDT 2004

> Chris, will the new version be integrated into MythWeb so that you can kick
> off NuvExport jobs from within MythWeb? Will the new NuvExport support batch
> processing? For example say I have 5 Simpson's episodes that I want to
> NuvExport. Will I be able to select them all and then kick off a NuvExport
> job to convert them?

mythweb:  soon, but not immediately.  Still working out the logistics of 
export directories and the client/daemon mode stuff.

batch:  probably.  If not with the next release, then coinciding with 
the mythweb-friendly one.

The immediate goal is to get every format-change exporter using 
transcode.  Beirdo and I figured out how to get transcode to interact 
with myth's fifos, and I'll add auto-detect support to use fifos or 
direct-mpeg interaction, so there will be no more of this "trans_svcd 
only works with mpeg-based nuv files" stuff.  It'll all work, although 
that will mean that nuvexport will require transcode (no biggie for me 
-- it makes so many other things easier).  This also means that we'll 
have the possibility of a LOT more different export formats available, 
and it'll be easier for people to write new modules, since most of the 
options (deinterlace, resize, etc) will all be handled by the core 
transcode routines.

In doing this, I'm revamping the commandline support, module layout and 
a bunch of other things to try to standardize nuvexport as much as 
possible, as well as bring the code back up to my preferred standards of 
readability, etc.

And if any perl people are reading, I have NO experience writing 
perldoc/pod stuff.  I'd like to be able to have each module be 
self-documenting, rather than putting everything into the main nuvexport 
module.  If you're interested in helping me with this (as well as 
manpage integration), PLEASE CONTACT ME.  I don't know how to do this, 
and nuvexport is incomplete without proper documentation.


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