[mythtv-users] Re: nuvexport DivX audio sync problem

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-users at beirdo.ca
Tue Aug 24 14:21:11 EDT 2004

Yhan <yhan26 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Whenever I use nuvexport to convert a recorded program to DivX format, the
> audio sync gets progressivly worse.

> This does not happen if I convert it to SVCD or VCD.

> Any advice?
> Thanks,

Well, my advice is to use SVCD or VCD :)

Nuvexport is currently in the midst of an overhaul, so I doubt that any big
changes will be made until that's done.  However, if you feel strongly about
using DivX, a little hacking in the nuvexport sources for your own use should
hold you over until the new nuvexport is ready.

Have fun

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