[mythtv-users] Re: Sound problems, xawtv and tvtime work fine

Carsten Deeg calle at cs.tu-berlin.de
Tue Aug 24 03:18:33 EDT 2004


> I have the pinnacle stereo tv card and fedora core 2. Tvtime and xawtv work
> fine (although the audio and video are not perfectly synchronous). In
> mythtv, the sound does not work altogether. Even if I connect my speakers
> directly to the output of the tv-card, there is no sound.

I had a similar problem some time ago. (search for "Soundproblems only with 
TV" from April). Finally Stefan Grothkopp found the solution, so maybe this 
solution helps you, too. My TV card is a Terratec Cinergy 600 and I am using 
Kernel 2.6 (several subversions meanwhile, always the same issue with sound) 
with debian (mainly testing).

xawtv explicitly unmutes the v4l driver, which mythtv does not. So a simple

v4lctl volume mute off

unmutes the driver and since mythtv does not touch this setting it remains 
unmuted. I have put this command in the init.d script, which starts 
mythbackend. So the driver is unmuted during boot. Of course, if you start 
xawtv it will mute the driver again. So this solution is just a workaround 
but it works fine for me.

Hope this helps. 


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