[mythtv-users] Mascot? (Was: commercial detection causing backend to stop)

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Tue Aug 24 00:02:52 EDT 2004

On Monday 23 August 2004 10:12 pm, Ian Forde wrote:
> Shawn wrote:
> > Man, though... I didn't think anything would make me forsake my TiVo...
> > Mad props to myth! I still love you though, TiVo... The happy, hokey,
> > goofy, whimsical, wobbling, spooky faceless (yet with a painted-on face)
> > floppy footed TV guy perched on my Now Playing list will always hold a
> > special place in my heart.
> You know... MythTV *could* probably use a mascot...

Naw, I don't see a need for a mascot.  An artist-type person willing to spend 
time to help design UI stuff and not disappear once the initial version is 
done would be _very_ nice, though. =)


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