[mythtv-users] fine tuning channels

Tim Tait t.tait at comcast.net
Mon Aug 23 10:50:42 EDT 2004

It is stored in the database, and is not overwritten by 
mythfilldatabase. You can't see the change until you change channels and 
back again. It would be  nice if this were interactive like the color 
controls. Some cable providers skew the channels, I'm guessing to reduce 
interefence problems.

If you have a lot of stations with poor reception, you may have picked 
the wrong frequency standard, or a have a weak signal(s) or bad connections


Cyber Source wrote:

> Hey Tim,
>  Thanks for the reply. When you do this fine tuning this way, is it 
> saved ? Does it get overwritten when mythfilldatabase runs again? And 
> can you see it while your adjusting it?
> Tim Tait wrote:
>> Cyber Source wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>>  I have MythTV working great on my Fedora Core 2 box with GNOME, 
>>> etc. Everything works very well except some stations don't come in 
>>> very well, snowy, etc. Is it possible to fine tune channels? TIA
>> Yes, but not interactively. Go into myhtv-setup channel editor. There 
>> are fine tune sliders in there for each channel. Alternatively, one 
>> can edit the mysql database.
>> Tim 

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