[mythtv-users] x/y offset with 0.15.1 and KDE

Eric Lennon Bowman ebowman at boboco.ie
Sun Aug 22 04:34:35 EDT 2004


I recently went from using Gnome to xfce to KDE.  Gnome had all the 
well-documented problems, but worked reasonably well.  xfce fixed a lot 
of those problems, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to autologin, 
so I finally bit the bullet and went for KDE.

That seems better in most ways...the antialiasing is nice, and the 
heads-up program guide works a lot better.

Unfortunately, the x and y offset don't work in Setup/Appearance, so my 
myth UI is a bit shifted to the left.  It's not completely unusable, but 
it's pretty annoying.  No matter what values I enter, no offset occurs.  
No messages are showing up in the logs to give me a clue.

Google isn't revealing any answers...I'm wondering has anyone else seen 
this, and is there a fix?


Eric Lennon Bowman
BoboCo Ltd
ebowman at boboco.ie

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