AW: [mythtv-users] mythtv on EPIA MII 12000

JJ van Gorkum job at
Sun Aug 22 04:11:01 EDT 2004

Patrick Wenger wrote:

>>I am thinking about building a HTPC system with mythtv and was wondering
>>about the capabilities of a using a mini-itx system:
>>The setup mini-itx with MI12000 board, 512 Mb memory, 160 GB disk
>>and a Hauppage PVR 350 adapter
>>will the system capable of doing:
>>- play a DVD (ogle or xine) while recording a TV program.
>>- play a CD (mplayer) while recording a TV program.
>>- play a .avi (mplayer) while recording a TV program.
>>or would it be better to go for a ATX solution with more power...
>Since there's no response so far: I'm building a similar system at the
>moment (same hardware). It's not finished yet so I can't really answer your
>questions at this time ether. However, I chose the via motherboard because
>of its size and the possibility to build a stylish system for the living
>room (I use a cubit 3 case). If size and style doesn't matter to you then go
>for a regular ATX solution. It's cheaper, faster and you will most probably
>have less problems building the system... As soon as I have my system
>running I will be happy to let you know the results concerning your
>performance questions.
Thanks for the answers so far: but this is the reason I have asked this question: there are a lot of perople who have started a project like this (on a MII 12000 board) but no one can tell me if system is capable of doing the basic HTPC stuff. I have found the linpvr site but the main goal of that project is running the frontend on a EPIA board and the backend (wich will include the PVR adapter) on a different system.
Like I have said before I want to run all software (frontend and backend) on the same system... (and toss my video recorder/dvd player and cd player out the window)

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