[mythtv-users] re: Can postgresql be used with mythtv?

John Smith john_smith_45678 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 22 00:53:58 EDT 2004

I'd also love to see PostgreSQL available as an


>  I did some google searches but did not come up with
a definitive answer
> to the question of using postgresql with mythtv.
> I am currently collecting information on what it
takes and how to setup
> a PVR system. Trying to decide on the hardware
required and figure out
> what software to use.
> The mythtv project looks pretty good. From what I
have read it appears
> that mysql is used. I would prefer to use postgresql
if possible.
> One item I found seemed to indicate that there were
a handful of places
> in the code that would need to be modified. The
portion of the
> conversation I found was not complete and did not
have enough detail to
> see if this had been done or not.
> Thank you for any and all assistance.
> -- 
> Scot L. Harris
> webid at cfl.rr.com 

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