[mythtv-users] MythTV with Pentium II 350 MHz?

Don Brown don at donbrown.ca
Sat Aug 21 15:47:10 EDT 2004

Would a machne this size be fast enough for a frontend-only machine if I
used a smaller windows manager (like ratpoison or xfce)?  I would want to
display video on a computer monitor, not a tv.

I assume I'd need a fast LAN card (100MBps) to get the throughput.
DVD is not important.

My combined front/back end machine is working great, thanks to the folks on
this awesome list.

Any thoughts?

John Smith wrote:
| I have a retired Pentium II 350 system - would it be
| powerful enough to run a MythTV setup (using a PVR
| 250/350)? From what I've gathered, an Athlon 2000+
| seems to be about the least powerful system that works
| well.
| Thanks,
| John
Would work just fine with a 350 for recording, watching live tv and even
recording and watching another recording. The only issue that you may
have is if you want to watch DVDs. The problem with DVDs is that the PII
350 is not fast enough to decode them and there will be sync issues if
you try to decode the video with the PVR and output the sound to the

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K.R. Foley
kr at cybsft.com

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