[mythtv-users] Re: Possible bugs in TV Editing

John P. Mitchell john at cepros.com
Sat Aug 21 15:40:04 EDT 2004


   This is something I have experienced as well. Especially when I get
over zealous when punching the fast forward key. Usually my machine
will recover from it if I just wait a while, but it does seem hung when
it happens.

> I've also now confirmed that MythTV Editing WILL delete to the end of
> a file from a marker without a "delete to the left of this" marker at
> the end of the file. That's good, because otherwise it would be
> pretty impossible not to get it to hang otherwise. The bug that I
> confirmed yesterday still stands though - I'm unable to skip forward
> to the end of a file in editing mode without causing the system to
> hang. So far, this is the most serious MythTV bug I've encountered.
>>Well, I've confirmed - at least on my system - one of the bugs I
>>mentioned earlier. I just edited a different recording and tried to
>>move forward to the end of the file using the right arrow. Upon
>>reaching the last frame, the editor hangs. Can anyone else confirm
>>>I edited one of my recordings to remove commercials and convert it
>>>to MPEG4 to save space. It all went quite beautifully, however the
>>>last commercial break was not removed. I thought that it may have
>>>been because, although I marked the beginning of the commercial
>>>("delete after this point"), I don't think that I marked the last
>>>frame of the file for "delete before this point". I would suggest
>>>that Myth automatically assume that you mean to delete to the end
>>>of the file if there is no "delete before this point" marker after
>>>a "delete after this point" marker.
>>>Anyway, so then I thought I would just create a new cutlist for the
>>>resulting file and cut the last commercial by putting the markers
>>>in the appropriate location, and the end of the file. However, when
>>>attempting to put the final marker (a "delete before this point"
>>>marker) at the very end of the file, my computer hung. I believe
>>>that I have hung my computer in this exact same manner before, thus
>>>I thought a message to the list may be in order.
>>>Finally, while I'm on the subject, wouldn't it make sense to have
>>>an "undo" option after a transcoding? I know that the old file is
>>>still there, but the UI doesn't allow access to it. It would also
>>>be good to be able to delete these ".old" files from the UI (using
>>>the remote control) without haveing to ssh in.
>>>I hope this report is useful to someone.  ;-)
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