[mythtv-users] noticible interlace on myth-cvs, but not in myth0.15.1 anyone else?

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Sat Aug 21 09:07:55 EDT 2004

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Hmm. I updated to the latest CVS code, which has your patch. I'm using
> TV out in PAL mode, running a 50 Hz modeline (720x576). I ran with
> "--verbose playback" and didn't see the warning about refresh rate being
> too low. Should I have?
> Here's what I got in all.
> [snip]
> 2004-08-21 14:30:00 Refresh rate: 19997, frame interval: 40000

This shows that your display refreshes at ~50Hz and source material is 
~25Hz.  This is sufficient to do bob deinterlacing.

I should stop now, because I'm really talking out my ass here, but what 
I don't know is what the videocard does to re-interlace the signal for 
TV out.  But if it looks good (better than onefield), it must be doing 
it right.

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