[mythtv-users] nuv->avi possibilities?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Aug 19 17:20:51 EDT 2004

John P. Mitchell wrote:

>   I am also unclear as to how this is done, and would VERY much like to
>know. I want to archive my Star Trek episodes real bad. :-) Also, it
>seems to me that this is an VERY simple issue. If the video is
>compressed MPEG4 and the audio is compressed MP3 (my settings anyway)
>then why is it such an issue to repackage that (without re-encoding) to
>something I can watch with any video player? Is there some other
>issue(s) that I am ignorant about?
>   If I MUST re-encode the stream, I would rather not do it on the machine
>that is my main mythtv frontend/backend. So, some way to perform the
>process on another machine would be best in my opinion. Again, maybe I
>am just a bone head and this is already a simple thing to do.
>>>After reading the recent nuv->avi with avidemux2 thread, I am still
>>>unclear as
>>>to what my best option for repacking my NUV files is.
>>There isn't one at the moment.  We need one of three things to happen:
>>mplayer/mencoder needs to support myth's modified nuv format (the nuv
>>patch no longer covers this)
>>avidemux2 needs to remove its gui requirement, and fix the sync issues
>>that happen when it repackages nuv to avi (this could be related to the
>>same issue that mencoder has)
>>And lastly, imho the best option, mythtranscode needs to support
>>(preferably, and probably most easily) demultiplexing the nuv into its
>>component pieces, or a straight avi conversion.  The demultiplexing
>>option is best for me for nuvexport, and at that point it wouldn't be
>>hard to then remultiplex the streams into an avi (or ogg or whatever)
If mplayer can play them, has anyone considered the "mplayer 
--dumpstream" as an option?  Not sure if this does what you are looking 


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