[mythtv-users] Re: nuv->avi possibilities?

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu Aug 19 15:03:23 EDT 2004

 	/me tries frantically to put lid back on worm can...

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On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Eric Thelin wrote:

> So perhaps we could use a combination and use extensions something like:
> *.rtjpg.nuv
> *.mpeg4.nuv
> *.mpeg2.nuv
> *.mpeg2ts.nuv
> or something like that.  That way it would be very easy for myth to
> identify that the file is a myth data file and at the same time it would
> be easy to identify what data type is used.
> Eric
> On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Chris Petersen wrote:
>>>     IIRC, there is absolutely NO extra data in mythtv's .nuv files
>>> recorded from ivtv than what was spewed from the card in the first
>>> place.
>> That's because they're not nuv files.  They've just been named as such.
>>>  It's just a legacy issue from mythtv recording NUV from
>>> bttv-based cards.
>> Probably, yes.  It's a LOT easier to code file interaction when you
>> don't have to check "if (file_extist("$file.mpg")) ... else if
>> (file_exists("$file.nuv")) ..." and can just assume.
>> Then again, I personally think it would be nice to avoid user confusion
>> and use nuv or mpg as is appropriate for the file.
>>> It'd be nice to identify by the filename what type of video
>>> it is, e.g:
>>> *.rtjpg        <- rtjpeg bttv
>>> *.mpeg4        <- mpeg4 bttv or post-transcoded *.mpeg2        <- ivtv
>>> recorded MPEG2
>>> *.mpeg2ts    <- pcHDTV streams
>> Those wouldn't be accurate representations.  The software-encoded files
>> ARE nuv files, not "rtjpeg" or "mpeg4" files.  The video inside of them
>> might be one or the other, but nuv represents the container format
>> (which contains meta data, etc).  The mpg stuff is a little more
>> confusing since mpg represents video and audio codecs, as well as a
>> container format.
>> Though as I said, I'm all for naming the mpeg-based recordings .mpg
>> since it'd clear up a heck of a lot of user confusion on the issue.

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