[mythtv-users] Re: nuv->avi possibilities?

Eric Thelin eric at generation-i.com
Thu Aug 19 14:54:35 EDT 2004

I would love to see a good solution to this.  I have seen Chris' posts
looking for the people who worked on mythtranscode to add the options
for exporting on this list and on the dev list but I haven't heard
anything from anyone who is capable of doing the work.  So it sounds
like we (who can't do the work ourselves) need to find a way to
encourage those who can.  I propose a micropayment bounty.  I would
happyly put in $5-10 and I have personally talked to a few others who
would contribute similarly.  So I figure if we put up a $50-100 combined
bounty to who ever makes the changes to allow mythtranscode so that it
will work with standard tools.  Or even better we can build export in to
myth itself.  So, what does everyone think?  Am I crazy?  Am I the only
one who really wants to export efficiently to DVD/VCD enough to put a
little mony behind it?  Just an idea.


On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Chris Petersen wrote:

> > After reading the recent nuv->avi with avidemux2 thread, I am still unclear as
> > to what my best option for repacking my NUV files is.
> There isn't one at the moment.  We need one of three things to happen:
> mplayer/mencoder needs to support myth's modified nuv format (the nuv
> patch no longer covers this)
> avidemux2 needs to remove its gui requirement, and fix the sync issues
> that happen when it repackages nuv to avi (this could be related to the
> same issue that mencoder has)
> And lastly, imho the best option, mythtranscode needs to support
> (preferably, and probably most easily) demultiplexing the nuv into its
> component pieces, or a straight avi conversion.  The demultiplexing
> option is best for me for nuvexport, and at that point it wouldn't be
> hard to then remultiplex the streams into an avi (or ogg or whatever)
> container.
> -Chris

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