[mythtv-users] DMA Read errors and inter chipset (AbitBP6Motherboard)

John P. Mitchell john at cepros.com
Wed Aug 18 21:12:48 EDT 2004

This is a little off topic, but I missed the original message. I have a
couple of BP6 boards sitting on the shelf, new in the box if anyone is
interested in one.

> On Thursday 19 August 2004 00:36, MythTV wrote:
>> Well Murphy came calling today after my 10+ gig recording marathon
>> yesterday (recorded constantly from 11am til 6pm)  Now today I can not
>> even
>> record.. damn I thought I had this licked...
>> I now get:
>> Aug 18 04:19:12 mythtv kernel: APIC error on CPU1: 08(08)
>> Aug 18 04:19:13 mythtv kernel: APIC error on CPU0: 04(04)
> Sorry I did not keep logs of my abit bp6, but I vaguely seem to recall
> seeing
> this error many times on my boards' logs, and I didn't even think about
> it;
> because everything kept on working just fine.
> But my error might have been a less critical subsystem... (the NIC maybe
> ?)
> I might even be completely confused.  Just saying: are you sure it's a
> fatal
> error ?  Maybe recording 11 hours straight just strained some minor muscle
> somewhere and all it needs is a good nights' sleep.  ;-|
> But anyway, if you're really dependening on this board, and if you don't
> need
> the CPU power because you're recording with a PVR250, have you considered
> (as
> a last resort) to take out one of the CPU's (or load a non-SMP kernel)...?
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