[mythtv-users] Storage speed requirements for record/playback?

Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Wed Aug 18 12:45:42 EDT 2004

Op wo 18-08-2004, om 17:32 schreef Matt D. Robinson:
> Hi, all.  I'm looking to externalize my storage from my front room
> if at all possible to eliminate drive noise.  I think I can do
> this with iSCSI, but the question of speed comes up.  What are the
> typical drive speeds required for record (write), playback (read),
> and a simultaneous read/write scenario with something recording
> while something is being played back?
> I can drive 60-80MB/s full duplex with iSCSI, about 40MB/s each way
> for sequential operations, but is that sufficient?  What would be
> normal for record/playback/both?
> Externalizing the storage from the HTPC with iSCSI means I can
> drive the data to another room on a gigabit NIC over a long distance
> to another server in my garage without any noise.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback people can provide,
> --Matt 

If you record in the higest bitrate with pvr250 you'll be using about 1
megabyte/second. Combine this with playback and maybe you'll double
iSCSI seems overkill. 100 mbit network is plenty. USB 2.0 and firewire
will do also.

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