[mythtv-users] mythdvd to xine = no video

Paul News paulnews at rogers.com
Wed Aug 18 10:47:59 EDT 2004

Hey-o Folks,
I've been reading a lot of articles about mythtv displays not working after running xine, but I have the other problem.
When I launch xine from mythtv, I get the sound but a blank screen.  If I launch xine after I exit mythfrontend, it works fine.  mythfrontend live tv and watching recordings continue to work regardless.
I tried the XV autopaint colorkey fix in xine that other threads in the archive mentioned (to fix the live tv problem), but it has no effect for this problem.
My system is:
Celeron 2.6, ATI Radeon 9200SE, Fedora Core 2 (2.6.7), Xorg 6.7.0, GATOS ati.4.4.0 (radeon X driver with TV out), mythtv-0.15.1 (with the latest mythdvd and mythvideo), and xine-0.99
Has anybody else seen this?  Is there an equivalent fix for mythtv (some XV setting for mythfrontend or mythvideo)?
Any help is appreciated.
Paul Webster
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