[mythtv-users] OT: ati, tvout, and 2.6 in FC 2

Paul News paulnews at rogers.com
Wed Aug 18 08:03:01 EDT 2004

Hey-o Folks,

After a lack of success with the latest release 3.11.1
from http://www.ati.com, I was able to get TV out
working on my Radeon 9200SE card using the
experimental GATOS drivers http://gatos.sf.net   The
development list has instructions, but it was pretty
straight forward (from the gatos-devel list a couple
of days ago):

1) Get ati.4.4.0 from CVS
2) Get
3) Get
4) patch -p0 <ati.4.4.0-tvout.2.diff.gz
5) cd ati.4.4.0
6) tar xvzf ../ati.4.4.0-tv_extra_files.tar.gz
7) follow the ati.2 compile and install steps, and add
the TVOutput "NTSC" option.

I got the source for Xorg 6.7.0 from a link off of
http://www.X.org   I had to compile  the Xorg source
first, but since Fedora Core 2 installs it, I didn't
bother to over-install it.

There are a couple of other modules (like the
drm-kernel module) on the GATOS site that you don't
need if you're only trying to get TV out to show up.

I have the latest updates to FC 2, including the 2.6.7


Paul Webster
"There's no substitute for good manners except,
 perhaps, fast reflexes."

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