[mythtv-users] Re: There's definitely

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Aug 17 21:11:38 EDT 2004

> >Well, straight from the horse's mouth (meaning the guy who wrote that
> >part of the code), it only rebuilds the GOP markers in recordedmarkup
> >if you first delete any existing GOP markers for the recording
> >in question.
> >
> Thanks - good to know :)
> So in my case (I dropped the table and am still running mythcommflag 2 
> weeks later!) it'll fix the GOP - good.
> Dave P OTOH will need to:
>   DELETE FROM recordedmarkup WHERE chanid=xxx and starttime=xxxx;
> yes?
> David

Correct.  You could have used the --hogcpu option to make mythcommflag run as
fast as possible.  On my measly P2-400, mythcommflag runs faster than real-time
even at it'd default nice level on my 352x480 recordings.  There's no reason
it should be taking 2 weeks to flag your recordings unless you're doing each
one of them manually and not continuously.



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