[mythtv-users] no sound on frontend

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Tue Aug 17 19:39:18 EDT 2004

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 02:55:25 -0700
Cedric Tefft <cedric at phreaker.net> wrote:

CT > Craig Tinson wrote:
CT > 
CT > >On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 02:06:50 +0100
CT > >Craig Tinson <craig at 8010.co.uk> wrote:
CT > >
CT > >CT > anyone any ideas about this?
CT > >CT > 
CT > >CT > I have sound working perfectly on the backend.. have checked the archives and theres nothing really about this.. am running frontend locally (not via ssh as someone suggested).. local audio is working fine.. xmms playing radio and mp3's etc etc..
CT > >CT > 
CT > >CT > setup is FC2 on backend and frontend.. myth via apt and running through jarod's guide as much as possible..the backend is running perfectly..
CT > >CT > 
CT > >CT > not even recorded programs have audio.. 
CT > >CT > 
CT > >CT > anyone any ideas?
CT > >CT > 
CT > >CT > thanks
CT > >
CT > >if there's any more info needed to help me solve this.. just let me know.. it's not *really* annoying as I don't really use a frontend.. I just use my desktop to view livetv occasionally.. 
CT > >if anyones got any ideas? would be appreciated..
CT > >
CT > >  
CT > >
CT > Not really giving us much to go on, are you?  What audio hardware do you 
CT > have?  What do your audio-related settings in Myth look like?    Are you 
CT > using ALSA? Have you tried any command-line tests (aplay, cat, etc.)?  
CT > Did you look at mythfrontend's output for error messages or any 
CT > audio-related messages?  What output plugin and audio device are xmms 
CT > configured for?  Is mythfrontend trying to use the same infrastructure, 
CT > or something different?
CT > 
CT > - Cedric
CT > thanks for the reply..

well.. it's FC2.. so am using Alsa.. 

I don't get the idea behind your suggestion for tests.. aplay etc.. these are local tests.. xmms is using Alsa too.. aplay is an Alsa app.. so obviously works... 

Backend audio is working fine.. frontend audio is working fine.. just can't play livetv (with sound) over the network.. although livetv.. or indeed, recordings, works fine on the backend..

am lost.. am thinking FC2 might be the issue.. but am thinking of re-installing FC1 on the backend anyways.. will wait and see if that resolves the problem..



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