[mythtv-users] still can not see recordings

xavier nikoxan at mixmail.com
Tue Aug 17 19:12:39 EDT 2004

Thanks for your help, guys

I've checked the permissions of my /var/video directory and all groups can read its
content. This works, as mythweb actually have acces to the png files there. I've also
swiched to the "all groups" view in the recordings menu, but to no avail.
Mythweb 0.15.1 keeps recognizing a pair of recordings whilst mythfrontend doesn't find
them at all. I'm beggining to get a little crazy about it...

I use mythtv windowed. Another problem I found is that I cannot use the "Internal" player
in mythvideo, as it is used when watching livetv. It says that Internal is not a valid
command. So I open the movies using "mythtv %s" and an annoying extra playback window
appears in front of the menu mainwindow. In mythtv 0.14,  I would use the "Internal"
command so as to watch movies and the playback was done in the same window as the menu. 
How can I use the Internal player with mythvideo 0.15.1?

Thanks again for your time,


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