[mythtv-users] Missing obvious PVR-350 config issue?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Aug 17 18:00:57 EDT 2004

Jason Lindquist wrote:

>After a few months' downtime, I have my MythTV box up and running again.
>Oddly, both live TV and recordings via the PVR-350 card are faulty.
>There is no video (only a black screen) and one channel of audio is
>silent.  The card *is* functional, as I can dd /dev/video0 to a file
>and get an MPEG-2 which plays back just fine (picture and stereo audio)
>in QuickTime Player (on another host running OS X.)  Unfortunately,
>mythbackend seems to be losing the picture and one channel of audio.
>Am I missing something dumb and obvious?
Is it the Xv colorkey problem?


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