[mythtv-users] Stutter issues with HDTV

David George david at thegeorges.us
Tue Aug 17 14:41:06 EDT 2004

On 8/17/2004 1:54 PM, john roberts wrote:

>Hi - me again - the HDTV stutter guy. :)
>The only way I've been able to get my HDTV 1080i content not to stutter is with using XvMC enabled.  Ane I've confirmed the quality of the picture is less then "software" enabled de-interlacing support.
>So - I'm thinking of buying a new CPU and I'm wondering what speed I should get.
I am in the same boat (actually worse 2.4G non-HT 533 FSB).

>I currently have a 2.6G P4 HT 800 FSB.  I've heard from others (Wendy on the list) who has had stutter issues with a 3.0 P4 HT.
I have heard of people using 2.8HT without any major problems other than 
fast motion causing a temporary video glitch.  I was thinking about 
getting the 2.8/533 HT with 1Meg cache (my mobo only does 400/533).

This may seem like a really dumb question, but are you using an smp 
kernel?  You need an smp kernel to take advantage of the HT.  I looked 
through your past emails to the list and see that you are running 2.6.7 
but I didn't notice anything about smp.  It sounds like we have very 
similar setups.

>Do I need to go to 3.2G?  Is this not a CPU issue?  I've had this HDTV stutter issue with 0.15.1 and the latest (as of 8/16/04) CVS tree.
>Any thoughts before I go my a new processor?  I'm not crazy about the idea of doing so - the darn things are expensive.  I thought by getting a FX5500 (which would do XvMC) I wouldn't have had to do this.
I have an FX5200 Ultra, but when I used XvMC I didn't notice any 
difference.  I didn't really spend any time on it looking into though.  
It just hasn't been a big enough deal for me yet.


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