[mythtv-users] Asus Pundit vs CoolerMaster ATC 620 (WinTV 250 now, pcHDTV later)

myth-lane at dowobeha.net myth-lane at dowobeha.net
Tue Aug 17 12:53:28 EDT 2004

Thanks for the feedback wrt the CoolerMaster ATC 620.

Can anyone contrast this with the Pundit?

Quoting Stephen Tait <tait at digitallaw.co.uk>:

> At 17:04 16/08/2004 -0500, you wrote:
> >I have the ATC 620 with the 7NIF2, acting as both a frontend and backend.
> >The case does keep the sound in, but the rear fan is a bit whiney. It is
> >definitely the loudest thing on my whole system. Normally I wouldn't care,
> >but, like you, I want as much silence as possible.
> >
> >The case is deeper than I expected; feels like a full ATX desktop size. It's
> >built very solidly and I'm impressed overall with the high quality.
> >
> >Installing the 7NIF2 in the case was a snap. No issues.
> Chalk up another vote for the 620. The lickle 60mm at the back was by far
> the loudest component in my system as well, until I 7V'ed it. I'll
> eventually figure out some way of swapping it for a huge 80 or 92mm or
> something.
> I also love the ability to run a proper ATX PSU in it too, so I don't have
> to pay through the nose for a decent PSU. There's currently an Antec
> TruPower 330 in there, which is whisper-quiet. Even with the fans on full,
> it is remarkably hush hush, and even with the fans on low the case stays
> remarkably cool. I wish I'd bought two of the things.

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