[mythtv-users] Multiple backends not working together

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Tue Aug 17 08:24:22 EDT 2004

I guess the question is, why dont you put the second card in the first 

I honestly dont think myth will work with 2 backends


Jon Dye wrote:

> J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
>> Jon Dye wrote:
>>> When I start the new backend I can only watch channels from the new 
>>> backend and attempts to select one of the other channels results in 
>>> an error in the (new) backend log about not being able to tune to 
>>> the relevant channel.  It seems like it can't switch between 
>>> watching live tv across different backends, is this a restriction of 
>>> myth or have I set something up incorrectly?
>> You can change the channel across multiple inputs on the same card 
>> but not between cards in .15.1.   You need to change over to the 
>> other capture card ("Y") before  changing channels.
> This seems to only try and switch between capture cards on the same 
> backend but not across different backends.
> JD
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