[mythtv-users] Focus problems with Myth & Xine

Harry Orenstein holists at v92net.com
Mon Aug 16 23:17:20 EDT 2004

On Monday 16 August 2004 12:01 pm, Ramon Redondo wrote:

> I've run into this myself, although I haven't hit it in a while.  I am
> also using KDE.  A while back I ran into a suggestion for a workaround
> (I think this was on the LIRC mailing list, and I don't seem to have
> the message anymore).  Basically, the idea is that LIRC keys which are
> translated into keyboard-type events (i.e. irxevent, and maybe native
> LIRC in Myth) seem to get lost when this particular issue has
> occurred.  However, irexec still seems to work.  The workaround was to
> configure a key on your remote to launch xmessage with a timeout of 1.
>  Once the xmessage is complete, keys seem to respond normally.
> From my .lircrc:
> ---
> begin
>     prog = irexec
>     button = pause
>     config = xmessage -timeout 1 "Wait"
>     repeat = 5
> end
> ---
> As I said, I haven't run into the issue in a long time, perhaps not
> since moving to native LIRC for Myth and Xine.  So you might try that
> as well.
> Ramon Redondo

I tried your suggestion and it works but I am reluctant to use it because it 
requires running irexec, which I don't currently do.  The reason for my 
original question was to find someone with the problem and to ask them (you) 
to try something:

If you run Xine from the command line on an .mpg file with the -pq options and 
end the video early you should see the loss of focus problem.  But if you let 
the video run to the end and exit Xine on its own there should not be a focus 
problem.  Can you confirm this?

If I can verify this I want to try to get someone on the Xine project to take 
note of the difference between the video ending on its own and ending via 
user intervention and fix the focus problem since it works correctly if the 
video ends on its own.

Thanks for your suggestions and TIA for your future feedback!

-- Harry O.

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