[mythtv-users] Raid configurations

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Mon Aug 16 20:53:03 EDT 2004

>thanks for the write-up. i still haven't built my myth box/fileserver yet
>but since i'm planning to use jarod's guide (based on FC1) i'm wondering:
>Does FC1 (2.4 kernel) support LVM and SATA as you described in the LvmRaid
>howto? Or does anyone have comments about raid arrays + MythTV on 2.4 vs. 
>i'm still trying to figure out what distro/kernel version to use for my
>MythTV box.
>thanks for any advice.

I can't speak for FC since I don't use it, but the new Debian installer has 
an option to set up software RAID or LVM partitions out of the box, which 
the FC installer might not do. This means you can actually install onto an 
LVM or soft RAID setup. If you go with the 2.6 install option (expert26 at 
the boot prompt), you get 2.6.7 and (I imagine) support for all the, er, 
supported SATA controllers.

Even if you go with a distro that doesn't support LVM and/or RAID out of 
the box, it's just a couple of kernel options and installation of userland 
utilities away.

On a vaguely related note, I'm currently trying to get Debian to install 
onto a 3ware 9000 card, and am faced with the rather daunting process of 
having to roll my own installer, since support for the new 3ware drivers 
has only just reached production kernels.

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