[mythtv-users] Bug report...?

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Mon Aug 16 19:23:57 EDT 2004

I've noticed a certain behaviour which may be a bug.  Although by its very 
nature it is not an important bug at all I still think I'll describe it here, 
maybe it is worth fixing, maybe not.  Either way...

First, a note:  This behaviour exists in 0.14.  I have no idea if it is still 
there in later versions.  I apologise if this is old news / already fixed...

Caveat:  This was tested with editing native mpeg4 encoding. I have no way to 
check whether this also occurs with mpeg2 recordings; I don't have them.

Symptom [short]:  In editing mode of a show that was _already_ transcoded / 
edited, the cursor advance- and reverse keys do not work as advertised.

How to reproduce [long]:  Choose an already transcoded show, enter editing 
mode by pressing 'm' and observe the seconds counter while going back in all 
of the modes [frame] [half a second] [seconds].  You will note that going 
forward works fine, but when attempting to go backward it skips forward for 
several seconds (in all three modes). This behaviour does not happen when in 
5-second or higher scrolling increments. This behaviour also does not happen 
when editing a fresh (non-transcoded) show.

As said in the introduction, this is a very minor flaw which will only ever 
bite people who edit their shows twice.  But at least I'm giving feedback :-)

Can anyone reproduce this ? 


Linux: Because rebooting is for adding hardware.

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